Applicant Requirements

An applicant MUST:

  1. be a United States citizenspeak, read, and write in English 

  2. be ten years of age or older 

  3. be passing in school (in a regular or in an advanced program) 

  4. never have been arrested 

  5. present a U.S. Birth Certificate (or naturalization papers) and a Social Security card 

  6. provide a photocopy of a current immunization certificate & Medical Insurance Card (required by and equal to the requirements of the USN and Public School) 

  7. have parental (or legal guardian) approval 

  8. interview for admittance 

  9. be interested in learning

  10. and be committed to performing to the highest standards

Application Forms


Download the following application forms below for the Cadet Application and Agreement. There are 11 pages in 6 sections (Member Information and Declarations, Report of Medical History, Report of Medical Examination*, Report of Medical History Supplemental, Request for Accommodation, Parental Support). All pages must be completed in BLACK INK and present when submitted. No digital initials or signatures are permitted.

In addition, required is a Statement of Understanding to be signed by both the cadet and parents. And lastly, The Code of Conduct must be signed and dated by the prospective cadet.

*An initial and then, annual medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) and applies to all current cadets enrolled.

Payments can be made through PAYPAL and Square

New Member Registration is $275 * 






A NEW Member Registration Fee of $275 is a one-year payment to the USNSCC National Headquarters. Once the full Member Registration Fee has been paid and your application is completed, we will issue the following uniform items:


1 - USNSCC PT gold t-shirt

1 - USNSCC PT navy blue shorts

1 - Set of the Navy Working Uniform (NWU)

1 - Navy blue t-shirt worn with the NWU 

1 - Set of Winter, or Summer Dress Uniform
























*Upon separation from the USNSCC, all uniforms shall be returned to the unit, Sacramento Division. All fees are non-refundable. 

Renewal ONLY

FEE is $200*

Membership Renewal Fee - There is an Annual $200 Renewal Fee for continued participation in the program. This fee will only cover your membership for another year. No PT or uniform items are included with the renewal fee. 


When you are ready to pay your fees:


  1. Send an email

  2. Include your cadet's full name and your full name 

  3. Sacramento Division (14-18 yo)​, or Training Ship California (10-13 yo)

  4. Request to pay via PAYPAL or Square ($5 fee)


We are not excepting cash, checks, or money orders due to the temporary NHQ "Stand Down" order (Covid-19) to all units until lifted. All fees are non-refundable. Membership fees must be current to participate in any USNSCC activity or Sacramento Division and Training Ship California activity.

Has it been a year since your last Med Exam?

If the answer is "yes," you will need to print the Med Exam (NSCADM001 pgs 5-6). If you take a prescription medication and it has changed, you will need your Primary Care Physician's signature on the Supplemental Form (NSCADM001 pgs 7-8).Whichever forms are necessary, submit through email to the ADMIN and bring the original form(s) to drill if we are meeting in person.




*During the Stand Down due to Covid, and not meeting in person, the MED EXAM and Supplemental forms are on hold. 15 SEP 2020