Sacramento Division & TS California


Payments can be made through PAYPAL and Square

New Registration is $275 

     The NEW Member Registration fee includes a one-year payment to National Headquarters. Once the fee has been paid and we have your completed application we will proceed with the use of issued uniform items. For more information on uniforms please reference the Uniform Tab. 


1 - Set of Physical Training Uniform (PTU)

1 - USNSCC gold t-shirt

1 - USNSCC navy shorts

1 - Set of the NWU uniform

1 - Navy blue t-shirt worn with the blue digital NWU [Navy Working Uniform]

1 - Dress Uniform (winter or summer depending on what is currently worn)


Renewal FEE is $200

      Membership Renewal Fee - There is an Annual $200 Renewal Fee for continued participation in the program. This fee will only cover your renewal

  • No PT Gear is included in the Renewal fee 


When you are ready to pay your fees:


  • Send an email

  • Include your cadet's full name and your full name 

  • Whether the receiving unit is 

    • Sacramento Division (14-18-year-olds)​, or

    • Training Ship California (10-13-year-olds)

  • Request an invoice if you would like to pay via Square​ ($5 transaction fee)

    • Or you may pay your New Membership fee​ via Paypal (no transaction fee through 31 May 2020)

Be aware we are not excepting cash or checks due to the Covid-19 NHQ orders for all units to Stand Down [no in-person unit meetings] until further orders through May 2020.

  • Cash - Temporarily Suspended

  • Check  or Money Order - All checks are made out to:  

    • ​​SACRAMENTO DIVISION TRAINING - Temporarily Suspended



All fees must be current to participate in any unit activity. 

All fees are non-refundable.