Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Hand Book

What is the NSCC and NLCC?

The national website for NSCC and NLCC is located at


  • NSCC is the Naval Sea Cadets Corps, for youth ages 14-17 

    • Members of NSCC are called, "Sea Cadets" 

    • Our NSCC "Sea Cadet" unit name is the Sacramento Division

  • NLCC is the Navy League Cadets Corps, for youth ages 10-13

    • Members of NLCC are called, "League Cadets"

    • Our NLCC "League Cadet" unit Name is the Training Ship California (TS California)


All information about Sea Cadets:

I just signed up, now what?

Start your coursework.

The main tabs on this website to get you started on the right path are:

  • Advancements​ - this is where you will learn what it takes to promote

  • Upcoming Events - this is the hub upcoming events for the Unit/Division Activities

  • Uniforms - here you will learn the different uniforms you will be issued and how to wear them

  • About UsOfficers - this is where you will learn who does what and all the contact info for the different adult volunteers in the program  

What is drill? 

Drill is a term used by the military to instruct or train during a military exercise. We use the term for the time we get together every month where we will instruct and train. 

When are drills?

  • Drill weekends are typically the 2nd weekend of every month,

    • Saturday and Sunday 0800-1600 (8:00 - 4:00) 

    • at the California National Guard Armory, as posted on the Home tab


Some months there are special circumstances that require drills to be held on an alternate weekend but not often.

Stay informed! 99% of the time, we send info through email:

  • Make sure to read all your email

    • check the Upcoming Events Tab 

    • If you aren't receiving email, this is a RED FLAG 

      • Check your junk/spam folder and unblock us 

What should I do if I cannot make it to drill?

While monthly attendance at drills is expected, we understand that sometimes school activities and sports can conflict with drill weekends.  If you won’t be attending drill at all, you must let us know in advance. You must sign up on the Sign-Up Sheet linked in our email announcements before drill. We require a reason for why you will not be there. There will always be a link for each event in the Upcoming Events Tab, Division Activities. Read the description for the event and locate the link to sign up.


How should I address the officers? 

Proper forms of address should be used by parents and cadets in person and in all written communication. If you forget a rank, "Sir" or "Ma'am" is always appropriate. We are teaching respect and honor. 

  • LCDR - is Lieutenant Commander

  • LT - is a Lieutenant

  • LTJG - is a Lieutenant Junior Grade

  • ENS - is Ensign

  • INST - is Instructor

  • MIDN - is Midshipman


*See rank insignia chart under advancements tab for what each rank looks like on the uniforms.


Military jargon used at Sea Cadets:

  • COTC - Commanding Officer Training Contingent - the Sea Cadet Officer in charge of the training

  • NSCC - Naval Sea Cadet Corps short for USNSCC United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

  • NLCC - Navy League Cadet Corps short for the USNLCC United States Navy League Cadet Corps

  • AT - Advanced Training

  • BDU - Battle Dress Uniform or BUU Battle Utility Uniform Green and brown camo uniform 

  • NWU - Navy Working Uniform /Type III - green or Type I - blue digital camouflage uniform

  • PT - Physical Training

  • PRT - Physical Requirement Test

  • RTC - Recruit Training Contingent AKA "Boot Camp"

Leadership Positions held by Adults:

  • CO - is Commanding Officer. This is the highest position in the unit. Think of it as the President. The buck stops here. 

  • XO - is Executive Officer.  This is the second-highest position in the unit, like being the Vice President. The XO is the right hand to the CO. 

  • Admin - is short for Administration

  • DIVO - is Division Officer - a leader of cadets

  • INST - is Instructor - An adult volunteer in charge of instructing

  • OIC - is Officer In Charge

  • Supply OIC- is the Officer in Charge of Uniform Issue

  • Operations OIC - is the Officer in Charge of logistics and the building 

  • Galley OIC- is the Officer in Charge the Kitchen

  • Color Guard OIC - is the Officer in Charge of coordinating cadets and events for color guards


Leadership Positions held by Sea Cadets & League Cadets:

  • LPO - is the Leading Petty Officer

  • ALPO - is the Assistant Leading Petty Officer

Positions for Cadets & League Cadets:

  • LPO - Lead Petty Officer - a cadet in charge of a section

  • Yeoman - admin assistant, this position is the liaison between the units and Admin

  • MAA - Master at Arms, rules enforcer. This position is a cadet or league cadet who has attended MAA training and supports the CO XO and LPO's from the back of the formation. 

  • OOD - Officer of the Day, monitors watch on the quarterdeck to make sure all goes well. 

What do I wear to drills & events?

All information on what to do at drill each month is on the Upcoming Events/Division Activities section of this website and through email primarily.


In general, uniforms for drill are:



  • Sea Cadets & League Cadets: NWUs 

  • ALL: Bring PT gear (yellow T-shirt, blue shorts, tennis shoes, athletic socks)



  • League Cadets: Report in Winter Dress (in the winter) / Summer Dress (White blouse & black Pants) and bring NWUs

  • Sea Cadets: Report in Dress Blues (in the winter)/Dress Whites (summer);  Bring NWUs

  • ALL: Bring PT gear (yellow T-shirt, blue shorts, tennis shoes, tall athletic socks)


*All information regarding what is included in the uniforms is under Uniforms tab. ​

What is Magellan?

Magellan is the back office for all Sea Cadet units nationwide. This will only be accessed by a select number of adult volunteers in the Sea Cadet program. Cadets and parents cannot access Magellan. You will not need to access any portal unless you are instructed to take a quiz. Magellan is for the back office only. At no time is it permissible for any parent or volunteer to access or attempt to access Magellan when not authorized.

  • As a parent or a cadet, you will only access the Magellan Homeport via a link on the Training Opportunities tab at the link to see available trainings during scheduled Summer and Winter training times

What is Mini Boot Camp?

For NSCC Sea Cadets only... not NLCC League Cadets. Mini Boot Camp is held in November to give recruits a taste of what real Recruit Training (RT or Boot Camp) is like. Recruits stay on base over the course of 2 days, overnight.  Refer to the Upcoming Events/Division Activities for location, schedule, and Seabag (packing) list.  There are no prerequisites for boot camp. Sign up and then just show up with your gear, ready to sweat.

What is Boot Camp (Recruit Training Camp/RTC)?

  • For NSCC Cadets only... not NLCC League Cadets. You must be 14 years old to attend Boot Camp (RTC).  


  • You must complete Boot Camp before you can take any other Sea Cadets advanced training.  

  • The training is available at different locations throughout the country over winter break and summer break.  

  • To get signed up for Boot Camp, follow the instructions under the Training Opportunities tab


  • Boot Camp training is not held locally, so there is travel involved.  The Division does NOT provide travel arrangements and will not arrange for carpooling  


  • Your family will probably want to be at your graduation ceremony, but may not recognize you as you will be a different person after Boot Camp!

  • NSCC Sea Cadets MUST PASS Boot Camp in order to promote and before they can attend any other training 

  • NLCC League Cadets must attend NLCC Basic Orientation before any other trainings. League Cadets do not require trainings to promote but are excellent opportunities to advance in leadership and an invaluable asset for knowing everything you need to know to succeed. You will make new friends, grow leadership skills and have fun! 

What is training? 

That is a long answer that requires its own page on this website! Click here to be redirected.

Where can I get uniform items and name tags/tapes?

You will be issued the uniform items and personalized name tags/tapes required for drills.  To attend trainings, you may require additional uniform items and a Seabag.  Cadets [not parents] may be able to obtain these additional items at the [uniform] Supply when at drill, but Supply is limited and sometimes, you will have to find them elsewhere, such as at an Army Surplus store or online. 

Supply usually has the following in Inventory:

  • All PT Gear can be purchased from our Supply during drill inside the Armory

    • USNSCC Yellow PT shirt - $10 and USNSCC Navy Blue PT shorts - $10 

      • USNSCC Hoodie - $20 and Sweatpants - $20 (Optional)


  • Utility Jacket:  Optional, and not typically available in the uniform supply. Check the Uniform tab for more information


  • Boots:  We wear black military boots with NWUs and BDUs.  Recommended: side zipper, no steel toe.  A picture and link are on the Uniforms tab under NWU's


  • Dress shoes:  Polishable [most likely leather] Plain toe formal black lace-up dress shoes. No patent-leather "always shiny" (Corframs) shoes permitted.  Check online (such as Amazon, or try for "Bates" uniform dress shoes to get an idea of what you're looking for. More information and links are under the Uniforms tab. 


Where do I get my ribbons? 

Your ribbons will be issued to you at drill. You must be present to receive the ribbon. Rarely we run out of ribbons but if we do check with your Yeoman the following drill to get the ribbon you need.  


How do I wear them?

Look on the Ribbons and Appurtenances page under the Uniforms tab. 

Where do I get my ribbon bar? 

At drill, let your Yeoman know you need a ribbon bar. Bring in your old one to exchange for the new one.