Summer Trainings are HERE!

Well we had a VERY successful training at Lake Camanche this past Spring Break. A total of 64 cadets joined us for some "Survival Training". In spite of the foul and heavy rains, we all dried out and honed our woodland skills. The cadets spent one full night on a hill with only - a 6x8 foot tarp, their sleeping bag and an MRE to eat. They worked together as strong teams and fabricated great shelters. It got really cold that night and everyone did great!

All of the Summer Training Opportunities are now open for registration.

After cadets complete a 2-week Recruit Training (boot camp), they are eligible to participate in one of the many advanced trainings that are available - Nation-wide.

Whatever your interest: Scuba, First Aid, Medical, Aviation, Radio, SeaBee, Leadership, Seamanship, Sailing, Photojournalism, or Marksmanship.

If you think you can meet a real challenge... then there are UDT, SEAL, SWCC or Ucoin trainings that will make or break you.

These trainings will fill up quickly. Make sure that you review ALL of the requirements and then get signed up - fast. Now is the time to decide what you will achieve this summer!