Ribbons and Appurtenances



Purpose: The Chart below is a chart of all the possible awards that a cadet may earn during their tenure with the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Some are merit based while others are for completing certain qualifications and trainings. This allows cadets to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication while they are apart of this program (with the exception of the Regional Director's Badge and Commanding Officer's Badge, which are reserved as stated in the name).

  • Why do we wear ribbons? They are our resume, they let everyone know our

accomplishments and achievements. They are like trophies. Wear them correctly and with pride, YOU EARNED THEM!

  • What are appurtenances? They are stars or symbols that you place on your ribbon. They show you have earned the award more than one time instead of issuing the same ribbon repeatedly.

    • The stars represent subsequent awards. After 5 bronze stars and the original award (the ribbon) you earn a silver star. This means you have earned that award 6 times. 

    • The stars are placed on the ribbon you are earning the award for again. So if you get a second PRT award the bronze star goes on the PRT ribbon. 

    • If you earn a bronze boot, compass rose, torch etc they will go on your year ribbon that you earned them in. For example if you go to boot camp and you get your bronze boot and you only have your 1st year ribbon that is where it goes. If you haven't earned your 1st year yet, then once you get it place the boot there.

    • If you go to POLA and you have your 1st, 2nd and 3rd year ribbon the torch appurtenance goes on your 3rd year ribbon. 

  • Attached is the ribbon chart and the manual which explains all the details on how you earn and wear the ribbons.

Ribbon Checker

Click on the ribbon below to check the order or your ribbons on the ribbon rack. You want to make sure they are correct because everyone is looking to see what you have accomplished.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Where do I get my ribbon bar? 

  • Your ribbons will be issued to you at drill. You must be present to receive the ribbon. Rarely we run out of ribbons but if we do check with your yeoman the following drill to get the ribbon you need.  

Where do I get my ribbon bar? 

  • Let your yeoman at drill know you need a ribbon bar. Bring in your old one to exchange for the new one. You can also try to catch LTJG Azevedo in the parking lot after drill to get your ribbon bar that you need.