Your Donations Make a Real Difference!

The U. S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is one of the greatest programs available to American Youth. 


Here at Sacramento Division, we aggressively strive to keep our costs as low as possible.  


We strive to recognize the unique talents and abilities of each of our leaguers and cadets. We provide a positive, discrimination-free environment that offers children the opportunity to learn about themselves and the ability to seize their untapped potential.


Most kids have no idea what they want to be when they grow up.  Our program grants access to truly unbelievable opportunities. Cadets go to "boot camp" and learn the basics of responsibility and pride.  Then they are able to attend the really exciting trainings. Things like Seamanship (aboard a Navy Ship), Medical Training, Aviation, Law Enforcement, Robotics, and Computers.


Our biggest fear is of turning away a highly motivated, potential cadet just because their family can not afford the registration fee or the fees for trainings.


If you would like to "ADOPT" a cadet and give them that much needed first "lift up" could be responsible for making of the next Great American! 

If you would like to contribute please email with the amount you want to donate and we will email you an invoice from Square. Thank you.