NSCC Uniforms & Personnel Inspection

For the official USNSCC/USNLCC uniform regulations, including illustrations

We are proud to wear the uniforms of the United States Navy. They are kept in excellent shape and worn with pride. Special achievements make them look even better. 


Your registration fee does NOT cover the cost of the uniforms. It is a deposit on the RENTAL of the uniforms. Some pieces are unavailable in supply and you may have to purchase them on your own. Once the fee has been paid and we have your completed application we will proceed with the rental of issued uniform items.


All patches need to be sewn.  Never glue or use press patches on them.

The uniforms your cadets will wear during their Sea Cadet or League Cadet careers are a necessary part of their membership.  The initial uniform charges will be no more than you would spend for Brownie, Girl or Boy Scout, Baseball or other uniforms for participation in other activities.  A full initial complement of uniforms will cost approximately $200-$400. The good news is that, as your cadet grows, you may not have to purchase the same items again in larger sizes.  If the smaller sized item is returned to the unit in re-usable condition, the larger size of the same item will be provided at no additional cost!

While we hope that most parents and guardians can pay these expenses, for those for whom it is truly a hardship, we will try to find financial assistance to help cover all or part of the costs of your cadet’s uniforms.  You can request such assistance by discussing your situation with the CO LCDR Gant.  We will do our best to make sure that all cadets who wish to participate in the program are able to do so.

It is paramount that each cadet and his or her parents understand that all uniforms and equipment issued to a cadet is on a RENTAL basis and must be returned to the issuing unit. All uniforms remain the property of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Upon dis-enrollment from the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, the former cadet must return all issued equipment to the unit supply in clean and serviceable condition.


For Cadets (ages 13-18)  NSCC


The Cadets have 3 sets of uniforms:

· NWUs

· Winter Dress Blues (worn Oct-Mar)

· Summer Dress Whites (worn Apr-Sept)

For League Cadets (ages 10-13) NLCC


League Cadets have 3 sets of uniforms:

· NWU's (Navy Working Uniform)

· Winter Dress Blues (worn Oct-Mar)

· Summer Dress Whites aka Salt and Peppers (Worn Apr-Sept)

  • Make sure to label ALL gear and uniform items with LAST NAME ONLY. You may use the first initial if you have a common last name. Do not be obnoxious in your labeling of gear.

    • Dixie Cups should be labeled inside on the tag or somewhere inconspicuous.

    • 8 point covers will be labeled on the tag on the inside of the cover.

    • Sea Bags will be labeled with an olive green name tape ordered from 1800nametapes and placed over the pocket of the sea bag. DO NOT GO CRAZY WITH A SHARPIE ON THE SEABAG! It looks sloppy and ruins the seabag for the next cadet.

    • T-Shirts will be labeled on the collar on the back of the neck.

    • PT shorts can be labeled on the tag or on the inside of the back waistband.

    • When you go to training you should label your underwear on the inside of the back waistband and socks on the bottom of the heel or toes.


Note: Our uniform items are reissued to us by the US Navy. They come in sizes that fit adults. Some League Cadets can fit into an adult small, but our smaller/younger League Cadets are completely swallowed up by our uniform shirts/blouses. If you are concerned about the fit, you are welcome to purchase your own set.

Handy place – click all of your ribbons - it will show their correct order for wear. 




1800nametapes.com to order nametapes on NWU's and name tags on dress uniforms